Automated ticket distribution – V2

Automated ticket distribution

Milvus releases system updates every month in order to offer the best to our partners. In this Update, we’ve introduced the Automated ticket distribution – V2.

We’ve improved the automatic ticket distribution feature in Version 2, now taking into account Operator teams and desktops. This way, if a ticket is received from a customer, team or desktop other than the Operator, the ticket will not be assigned to the Operator.

In this case, a log will be generated to inform the situation, ensuring high efficiency in ticket distribution.

If an operator is at desktop X and a customer ticket is created but the operator is not linked with it, this ticket won’t be assigned to the operator. A log will be generated in the ticket informing this situation. The same applies to the desktop rule.

Access your Milvus portal and try the Automated ticket distribution – V2 of Milvus comprehensive omnichannel platform!

Check this month’s new features in the Update 53 section of Milvus blog!

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