Email alias when creating a ticket

Email alias when creating a ticket

Milvus offers new features every month, adding value to our partners at each delivery. In this Update 53, you’ll be able to customize email alias when creating a ticket.

Now it’s possible choose a specific name for each email box, which will result in a more personalized experience for your contacts.

When ticket contacts receive response emails, they will see the name chosen by the customer as the sender. It will facilitate identification and promote closer communication.

If the customer chooses not to fill in the alias field, the current default will be used. In this case, the name “Support + Company name” will be displayed. This is one of the new features designed by Milvus to ensure more autonomy and personalization for customers and more effective communication, aligned with customer needs.

Access your Milvus portal and try the customize email alias when creating a ticket of Milvus comprehensive omnichannel platform!

Check this month’s new features in the Update 53 section of Milvus blog!

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