Improvements in the Synthetic Ticket Interaction report

Improvements in the Synthetic Ticket Interaction report

Milvus releases system updates every month in order to offer the best to our partners. In this Update 52, we’ve introduced improvements in the Synthetic Ticket Interaction report.

Service history is now more comprehensive and easier to understand. We’ve included additional information and intuitive visualizations so you can have an enhanced view of your service, identify trends and patterns, and track everything more clearly.

These improvements offer a better experience for you, as they provide:

  • A higher level of transparency and clarity: information is displayed with transparency and clarity, so it’s now easier to track and analyze services.
  • Careful control: view information separately when a ticket is handled on different days.
  • Full details of service: information sorted by day allows operators to track interactions and see the number of hours spent on each day of service.
  • Daily service graph: view the sum of daily interactions and hours for deeper analysis.


Service on February 1 and February 2: The report will show information and specific graphs for each day separately.


  • Better understanding of service history to help you identify patterns and trends and optimize your processes.
  • Careful control over your data, allowing you to track the time spent and interactions of each service.
  • Better user experience that ensures intuitive access to clear and precise information.

Access Milvus portal and see all benefits of this new feature on the platform!

Check this month’s new features in the Update 52 section of Milvus blog!

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