Addition of multiple levels of categories

Milvus update: check Addition of multiple levels of categories

In this Milvus Update 47, you’ll have the option to add multiple levels of categories so customers or internal departments of a company can use a varied service catalog. With this new option, your company will be able to offer new organizational methods in the service flow, new strategies for agreements with end customers, and system expansion in emerging sectors that require organization of demands and processes.

To use the resource, access your category catalog and click the add button. Then, access category groups and include this new level.

The categories will be displayed in the ticket creation channels; for example, client and form. They allow employees to track the ticket creation flow according to the standard established by their company.

In addition to the multiple levels of categories, this update has other new features to optimize your IT management and customer service. See more in the Update 47 section of Milvus blog!

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