Three new features in Milvus and AI integration

Three new features in Milvus and AI integration

Following market trends and always seeking to offer the best to our partners, Milvus provides monthly system updates. In this Update 50, we offer more AI resources, introducing three new features in Milvus and AI integration. See more details below:

  1. AI-powered audio transcription in chats and tickets

Milvus has just introduced an innovative AI-powered functionality. Now, when operators receive voice messages from customers via chat, a text box immediately displays the keywords of the voice message, followed by a full transcription generated by ChatGPT AI.

This feature also supports integration with telephone conversations, that is, when creating a ticket via telephone, the conversation is transcribed and recorded in the ticket for subsequent reading.

Also, the tool can be easily enabled or disabled to provide quick and efficient understanding. To use this tool, access the integration menu -> ChatGPT. (Chat transcription is provided exclusively on WhatsApp; the audio format on Telegram is not currently supported by ChatGPT.)

2. AI suggestions for ticket resolution

Another new features in Milvus and AI integration is the significant improvement in suggestions for ticket resolution.

Then, instead of the traditional “Suggested ticket resolution,” operators have now three options available to help them understand the request. They are generated by artificial intelligence based on the ticket subject, description, and contact information.

Operators can choose the options they want to use and send them by email, add comments to the ticket, and use them to guide the service, enhancing the flexibility of the platform.

In addition, after the operator’s first interaction with the ticket contact, this functionality evolves and offers a “Suggested solution.” This option has been redesigned to consider the last interaction in the ticket, whether from the customer or the operator.

Suggested solution is dynamic and aligned with the context of the conversation, providing a more accurate and efficient response to the problem or request.

This innovation provides a more intuitive and personalized experience, allowing operators to focus on the specific needs of every ticket.

To enable this feature, access the integration menu -> ChatGPT.

3. AI grammar and spelling checker in ticket remarks

Now, Milvus and AI integration can also be used as spelling and grammar checker while typing in the ticket remarks. Then, a suggestion button will be displayed, so the operator can choose to replace or keep the original text.

This feature seeks to help the operator standardize the text and eliminate errors, improving the quality of responses provided to customers.

Click here and see all benefits of this new feature! Check this month’s new features in the Update 50 section of Milvus blog!

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