Settings for desktop visualization

Settings for desktop visualization

Milvus offers new features every month, with system updates that add value to our partners. In this Update 44, changes were made to the settings for desktop visualization in the system. Therefore, when editing or creating a Milvus Operator, two fields will be displayed, as follows:

  • View only filters and data of my desktops – this option configures whether an operator can view and use all desktops and filters in the system or only the desktops of which he is part. In other words, it configures the operator’s access to the work tables with the filters of this option.
  • Assign tickets to other desktops – This new option allows an operator to assign tickets to desktops of which he is not part, that is, in resources that point to a desktop, the operator will be able to send, for example, a ticket to a desktop of which he is not part. If this option is unchecked, the operator will not be able to send a ticket to a desktop to which he does not belong.

By combining the two options, operator N1, who only has access to desktop N1, will be able to send a ticket to desktop N2, with no access to tickets sent to N2, as the operator can only guide the service flow.

Check this month’s new features in the Update 44 section of Milvus blog.

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