Tasks and Google Calendar integration

Tasks and Google Calendar integration

With this Milvus Update 47, you’ll be able to use the convenient of: Tasks and Google Calendar integration. With this new feature, operators have a bidirectional option to perform tasks, and create/update information, ensuring a better control and standardization of Milvus tasks to manage team activities.

Also, this integration process is performed individually using the operator’s account in “My tasks” menu.

Benefits of enabling Tasks and Google Calendar integration in Milvus system:

  • When creating a task in Milvus, a calendar will be created in Google Calendar;
  • Support to external guest emails for tasks created in Milvus system;
  • When creating a calendar in Google Calendar with a link to a video conference and event venue, the information will also be transferred to ‘My task calendar’ in Milvus;
  • Support to attachments added bidirectionally;
  • When creating a calendar in Google Calendar, a task will be created in Milvus system.

Note: Events created before this integration became available will not be integrated.

In addition to Tasks and Google Calendar integration, this update has other new features to optimize your IT management and customer service. See more in the Update 48 section of Milvus blog!

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