Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication

We are committed to delivering new resources monthly and adding value to our partners with each delivery. Now you can use two-factor authentication (2FA) in different situations in the Milvus system.

This security feature was already available for some features of the system; however, with this new update, in addition to implementing new features, a new menu was created to centralize the settings. Check below where 2FA will be implemented and its rules located in the System Configuration section:

  • 2FA for access via Power Shell;
  • 2FA for remote access;
  • 2FA for access to Password Manager;
  • 2FA for edit actions by Operators.

The steps of 2-factor authentication are the same for all menus.

Therefore, when you try to access one of these menus, a screen will be displayed with proper texts and information according to the accessed feature. 

System will send a numeric token to the customer’s email, which can be defined in the “Send Notification email” or “Access email” fields in the operator’s information form. 

The token is valid for one minute and at every new access to the respective menu or feature, a new token will be requested and sent. It’s also possible to request a token number by pressing a button.

To disable the 2-factor authentication, you will be asked to enter the token number.

In addition to the 2-factor authentication, this update has other new features to optimize your IT management and customer service. See more in the Update 44 section of Milvus blog!

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