AI in customer service: see how it can be an ally

AI in customer service

Chatgpt has transformed artificial intelligence and attracted interest in several areas. But have you ever thought about using AI in customer service? So, be aware that your competitors are already investing in this tool to increase customer satisfaction.

Advances in artificial intelligence help create and develop more efficient service processes, which are transforming the relationship between organizations and their customers.

Read this article to learn more about this topic and see how we can help your business become part of this evolution.

AI evolution

Artificial intelligence emerged in the 1950s and has evolved significantly since then. In the beginning, AI was just a theory studied by computer scientists and academicians, but today, it’s part of our lives. 

AI evolution has been marked by different approaches and technologies, such as rule-based programming, with different techniques developed over the years, including machine learning, which collects data to educate machines.

As a result, artificial intelligence can perform increasingly complex tasks, including voice and image recognition, idiom translation, and data analysis. It’s also been used by companies from different segments to improve processes and products.

But this tool still has a lot to offer, as more and more sectors will start using it to provide several benefits to society.

AI for customer service

Customer relationship requires technologies that deliver prompt responses. It also involves understanding the context, customer communication, and how to offer a humanized and personalized experience at each interaction. 

For this reason, AI models must keep learning and improving to incorporate changes in customer preferences and behaviors in order to provide better feedbacks and interactions. 

AI in customer service has a positive impact on self-service as well, as it can perform more detailed and understandable technical queries and resolve complex problems in a more accessible manner. 

AI offers many benefits for customer service as it provides natural and assertive responses. It can also:

  • anticipate customer needs based on the analysis of behavior patterns and interaction history;
  • create creative and interactive content, making interaction more fun and, consequently, more memorable;
  • reduce waiting time thanks to service process automation, which enables instant and assertive responses;
  • handle a large volume of interactions simultaneously, allowing agents to focus on more complex and challenging cases.

Three types of AI

In general, AI types are categorized by how artificial intelligence is used. Then, the three main models are:

Weak (or narrow) AI:

Weak or narrow AI is a model that stores a large amount of data and performs complex calculations quickly. However, it’s limited to the objective for which it was programmed.

This type has two subcategories: reactive machines, which don’t store much data and react to a few configured stimuli only, and limited memory, which stores more information and uses it to make decisions.

Strong (or general) AI:

Strong or general AI can learn, understand, and react to certain stimuli. Therefore, it can perform tasks that simulate activities done by humans.

In this category, machines are divided into two groups: conscious machines, which can understand the stimuli they receive and process the information, and self-aware machines, which are mindful of the world and themselves, facilitating the understanding of external stimuli. 

Artificial superintelligence:

This model is still being studied, but it promises to surpass human intelligence in every task.

What is AI in customer service?

AI in customer service can be an excellent solution as it answers consumer questions and requests quickly with personalized responses.

One of the most common examples of AI in customer service is chatbot. Chatbots are written or oral systems that use messaging and chat platforms to interact with customers, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 

In practice, they analyze the information provided by users and store relevant data thanks to rapid learning that ensures conditions to continue customer service and resolve situations in a natural way.

Then, with a continuous and progressive learning process, chatbots are well developed and trained, increasing the quality of the conversation. Also, help desk chatgpt solutions are available today, such as the resource found in Milvus platform. 

Also, IT chatgpt can understand customer requests and speed up ticket resolution. 

AI applications in customer service

Chatbots are the main trend of AI in customer service, as they offer opportunities to improve service and reduce costs.

They offer automation of specific interactions via messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Some uses of artificial intelligence in customer service are:

  • customer support;
  • appointment scheduling;
  • customer satisfaction survey;
  • personalized product or service recommendations;
  • sales follow-up;
  • distribution of invoices and documents;
  • billing and submission of financial information;
  • among others. 

How can artificial intelligence transform customer experience?

Artificial intelligence can transform customer experience by quickly and efficiently providing answers to customer requests. It can also help personalize communication, thanks to the database that shows consumer preferences.

In addition to the benefits above, customer service chatgpt can automate, digitize, and store the service provided for subsequent data processing and analysis. 

This way, AI can even forward conversations to the right person, so customers can have more assertive answers. 

How is AI used in customer service?

  1. Automation of repetitive tasks

With intelligent service AI, frequent responses can be automated. By optimizing this type of process, the team has more time to focus on other strategic activities.

2. Adoption of intelligent chatbots

Intelligent chatbots can collect specific information, ensuring a higher level of operational efficiency in the first interaction, allowing instant support without robotic messages and offering personalized and relevant interactions.

3. Predictive analytics

AI in customer service can also be used to anticipate customer needs thanks to predictive analysis based on past support interactions. To achieve this, AI assesses scenarios to identify specific customer needs.

4. Personalization of customer experience

AI can also help understand customer behavior, allowing the customer service team to provide a more personalized experience.

By offering insights based on service history, companies can build a more loyal customer base, with lasting and reliable relationships.

Main benefits of AI in customer service

Artificial intelligence offers several benefits for companies, including: 

Fast and accurate responses

With AI in customer service, companies can interact with a large number of customers simultaneously, responding to customer requests in real time and ensuring a more objective communication.

Personalization according to customer history

Artificial intelligence creates a customer log based on data about customer behavior, purchase history, and preferences. This way, interactions can be personalized to offer relevant recommendations and suggestions and create a unique experience.

Operational efficiency

AI in customer service can also improve operational efficiency, as it fulfills a large part of service and support demands. It can also perform routine and repetitive tasks, freeing up team members to resolve more complex and strategic issues.

Error reduction

Artificial intelligence significantly reduces human errors in customer service and ensures consistent and accurate responses, which prevents errors and improves service quality.


With AI, service capacity no longer depends on team size, as a single bot can handle multiple customers at the same time. Therefore, companies are able to scale their service and reach more people. 

Continuous learning

AI tools for customer service can learn from past interactions, refining AI skills. As a result, service becomes increasingly precise and effective, ensuring a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Cost savings

Finally, AI can help reduce operating costs as fewer individuals are required to handle simple queries, optimizing the financial efficiency of the operation.

Milvus integration with AI increases the efficiency of your customer support and service

In this scenario, Milvus, the most comprehensive help desk and service desk platform on the market, offers integration with advanced technologies to drive service excellence. 

Then, in a world where AI redefines processes and standards, Milvus solutions transform challenges into opportunities and help your company ensure excellence in customer service.

Through instant responses and personalized interactions, the chatgpt integration of Milvus platform helps you anticipate customer needs accurately, increasing the efficiency of your communication.

With efficient and humanized support, companies can reach a new level of excellence, increase team productivity, and offer authentic, fast, effective and personal support.

Learn more about this tool and its possible uses in and customer support and service: 

  • Ticket opening

When starting a ticket, Milvus presents two personalized suggestions for initial message, aligned with the problem to be discussed. This approach humanizes service from the first contact.

If your operator needs more information to resolve an issue, the system suggests answers or questions so the operator can request more details from the user, providing more accurate and efficient support.

  • Ticket resolution

With just one click, the operator opens ChatGPT to help resolve the problem. After the AI analysis, the operator validates the information, adjusts it as necessary, and the ticket can be resolved in a few minutes.

  • Ticket closure

Close tickets easily using personalized end messages to simplify the process and ensure a flawless closure.


Milvus helps you deliver truly personalized interactions by proactively anticipating customer needs and improving operational efficiency.

Therefore, with Milvus, your company invests in service quality and continuous innovation to ensure service excellence.

To learn more about AI for customer service, contact one of our consultants now to see a demo or try Milvus platform for free!

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