Asset management software – learn more about the Milvus tool

Managing software license and equipment operation is a major challenge for IT teams.

The failure to adopt a good asset management software solution may cause unplanned expenses, whether due to the irregular use of certain tools or security breach resulting from poor maintenance.

This article shows how the Milvus platform can help you perform these tasks more accurately and quickly. Enjoy your reading!

Asset management features of the Milvus platform

The Milvus platform is an omnichannel system for help desk and service desk that helps your IT team optimize processes, increasing the efficiency of support tasks. Milvus asset management software integrates with the smart inventory feature so you can:

  • generate custom device lists;
  • have real-time visualization of terminal status;
  • access full information of each device;
  • enable or disable devices;
  • identify threats to network security;
  • monitor device performance and anticipate upgrades, maintenance tasks, and replacements;
  • ensure device and software availability.

The information above can be organized in custom reports to show the performance indicators that make sense for your business.

In addition, the platform is operated through an intuitive interface, which is easily integrated into customer contact channels and facilitates ticket creation and management.

Benefits of the Milvus platform for your company

With all relevant data obtained from a single platform, you avoid all bureaucratic processes involved in asset management. Control becomes simpler and the information you need is available with a few clicks, leading to automated processes, improved productivity, and much faster decision making.

Other advantages include a better use of assets, since the extensive knowledge of hardware and software structures will help you get the most out of them.

Milvus asset management software has been developed observing the ITIL best practices, ensuring more flexibility in your daily routine, thanks to web-based and app-based access.

Want to know more about Milvus features? Request a free demo of the Milvus platform and see how to improve your team performance and productivity!

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