Customer-centric strategies – three advantages and how to implement them

Customer-centric strategies 

One of the essential ways to win customers is to improve the quality of services provided by a company. Customer-centric strategies can help achieve that as a business differentiation to attract and retain consumers.

More and more organizations have adopted these strategies because of their focus on customer needs. As a company fulfills such needs, it increases customer satisfaction and the chances of customer return.

In this article, you’ll learn more about customer centricity and see three major advantages of implementing a good customer-centric strategy!

What does customer-centric strategy mean?

Customer centricity is a practice adopted by companies that places consumers at the center of strategies and internal planning.

It ensures the entire development of a company is focused on offering the best customer service. Then, the implementation of the main driver of good results will help a company grow stronger.

Also important, customer-centric strategies are not only for marketing and sales. When a company works together to set a strategy focused on customers and their demands, it is possible to build an organizational culture that genuinely cares about consumer well-being and satisfaction, adding value to the brand.

What’s the importance of a customer-centric strategy for a company?

The main aspect of developing a customer-centric strategy in a company is the possibility to understand what a consumer needs, wants, and can achieve.

More specifically, it’s an opportunity for your business to identify the demands of the target audience and create a satisfactory plan to meet them.

With centralized needs of customers, business alignment becomes easier, causing a positive impact on productivity and internal organization, because employees will have a better understanding of the activities to be performed and the corporate goals to be achieved.

Also, employee engagement and commitment can be improved when customer satisfaction becomes a priority in an organization.

A SurveyMonkey survey reports that more than 80% of employees are more confident and happy to perform tasks when they are in a business focused on customer experience.

Also, a study by Bain & Co observes that businesses focused on customer satisfaction can increase customer retention by up to 10%, highlighting the importance of customer-centric strategies. Another advantage of this practice is that is helps add value to a brand of up to 30% in the market.

What are the main benefits of customer centricity?

See below the main benefits for a company that adopts customer-centric practices:

  1. Customer appreciation

One of the main benefits and results of customer-centric practices is to ensure that customers feel valued when purchasing from your company.

Even though customer return does not happen in some cases, this practice can ensure a good impression of the brand, new recommendations, and customer satisfaction.

This is due to the focus on the customer journey promoted by this strategy. This way, the company has more chances of promoting a good experience at all stages and meeting the expectations of customers that seek your services or products.

  1. Stronger brand reputation

With more satisfied customers, a brand becomes stronger in the market, receiving good reviews, encouraging word of mouth, and building a positive reputation in its segment.

Also, remember that 94% of customers give up buying from companies with a bad reputation, according to Reclame Aqui.

With a strong brand image in the market, new customers may feel interested in learning more about the company and buying its products or services, which can help expand customer services and businesses.

  1. Reduced customer acquisition cost

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is the investment made by a company to gain a new customer. This indicator is essential to assess the efficiency of marketing and sales strategies.

According to a survey by Deloitte, companies that invest in customer centricity tend to be more profitable. Then, they may have a lower CAC, boosting sales revenue.

How to build a customer-centric approach in your company

As seen above, a company can have many advantages with the development of strategies that are focused on customer centricity. See below some tips that can help make this process a reality in your business!

Map the customer journey

Mapping the customer journey is an important strategy to understand your audience’s behavior at each stage.

With a good plan, it is possible to develop efficient strategies to ensure consumer satisfaction at all stages, with a good chance of customer acquisition and return later.

Get to know your audience

For a successful mapping project and efficient customer-centric practices, you must know who buys from your company.

Learning more about the profile of ideal consumers, buying behavior, demographic information, and the trends that attract this audience is essential for customer-centric actions.

Use data for precise strategies

With the information above, your company can develop a strategy. However, before that, it is important to gather all necessary data to ensure precise strategies.

That is, data-based management will allow you to collect relevant information to outline an efficient plan that is suitable for your company’s customer profile. With this process, strategies can be realistic, with achievable goals.

Over time, more and more precise strategies can be developed, with customer centricity becoming part of the organizational culture. As a result, the company will enjoy all the benefits of this practice.

Invest in an omnichannel platform

Using different channels to offer fast quality service is a common practice among companies. However, to set you apart from competition, these points of contact should be integrated so that the company’s identity is preserved in all of them. That’s what an omnichannel strategy is all about.

The adoption of an omnichannel platform will integrate all communication channels that a company uses to interact with consumers

This way, whether a customer contacts a company through the physical store or the e-commerce chat, the impression he or she has of the company is the same, contributing to a consistent brand experience and quality at all touchpoints.

How can Milvus help with the customer-centric strategy?

Milvus is an ally in the development of customer-centric strategies, as it offers an intelligent help desk software solution to optimize internal processes, integrate channels, and offer ticket management to help a company learn more about its customers.

Therefore, your company becomes much more productive, with a more efficient customer service.

An omnichannel platform can be all your business needs for further development.

Using customer-centric strategies in a company can be a differentiation to stand out and improve its positioning in the market. It can also help increase the number of loyal customers and promote a sustainable business development.

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