Four reasons to use IT service monitoring software

Digital transformation has enhanced the critical role of technology in companies operating in different sectors. Today, investing in IT service monitoring and innovative solutions creates value for the business. Consequently, IT has assumed an increasingly strategic role in every company.

However, the performance of certain processes doesn’t have proper attention. For this reason, IT service monitoring must be part of the management routine. And the best way to ensure efficient monitoring is using a software solution specifically developed for this purpose.

In this article, we’ll address this subject in detail and show you four top benefits of having an IT service monitoring tool.

The importance of IT service monitoring

In recent years, the IT department has performed more than just solving structural problems and providing technical support to a company. Currently, its operation is directly linked with the customer experience while using a company’s services and products. In many cases, IT service is a company’s service itself.

This process requires a monitoring platform of uninterrupted operation – after all, any instability or failure in service can affect business results, generate bottlenecks, and compromise the operational efficiency across the company.

In other words, the stability and quality of IT services must be monitored by a system with indicators to assess whether everything is working as planned. Network performance, traffic, and other factors provide basic insights for decision making.

For instance, if some instability is identified, it will require fast action to eliminate the fault. On the other hand, even in a satisfactory scenario, IT service monitoring may support continuous operational improvements.

We are talking about an IT management process that optimizes the use of IT resources and improves service. The result is an increase in return on investment.

Also, a monitoring software tool makes a difference in this process. We will discuss below the reasons to have a tool like this in your company.

The advantages of hiring a software tool for IT service monitoring 

The monitoring process as a whole can be improved in several ways. In general, it becomes more organic in relation to other IT activities and integrated into the team routine. 

However, we will address its main benefits individually to understand why its positive impact is so significant.

1. Response time is reduced

As with other IT support activities, response times should be as fast as possible. However, it doesn’t depend on having a qualified team only; strategies must be adopted to quickly identify problems – and this is the biggest differentiation of a software solution.

Monitoring is a proactive measure, as it anticipates failures that may occur in servers, databases, network equipment, and other infrastructure components.

Consequently, the manager is able to quickly define measures, delegate tasks, and create more efficient action plans.

2. Downtime tends to be eliminated

When a system outage is identified, the IT staff is focused on investigating and resolving the issue. However, a monitoring software tool allows the prevention of this type of incident, recognizing anomalies in IT services.

According to a study conducted by Dun & Bradstreet, this type of situation causes huge losses for companies. The adoption of a monitoring software solution is one of the most efficient measures to reduce – and eventually eliminate – system outage incidents.

3. Damage is minimized

A study by Emerson Network Power revealed that disasters in large companies may cause damages of USD5,000 per minute. This negative impact may be the result, for example, of reduced sales during the downtime.

By proactively monitoring the service performance, IT professionals are able to reduce downtime and the number of incidents, as discussed above.

This way, damage and related costs can be reduced, leading to a better use of the financial investments in the sector.

4. Service quality increases significantly

We know that today’s customers are more demanding than ever. Providing good services is no longer enough, as a unique customer experience is also important. For this reason, instabilities in online platforms are unwanted situations for any business.

A monitoring software tool helps prevent instabilities, so your applications remain stable, in operation. Consequently, customers will be able to access their services without problems, developing a relationship of trust and satisfaction with your company.

This increase in service quality has a direct impact on the value your company creates when compared to the competition.

With that in mind, you may still be wondering what resources you should have in a monitoring software solution. To help you with that, we will highlight the most important aspects below.

Characteristics of a good monitoring software tool

First, this tool must offer intuitive design, which means that it must be easy to use, with a user-friendly and simple interface. After all, this is the tendency of the best software solutions in the market – make life easier for users, not requiring extensive training before the deployment.

Also, make sure it offers advanced monitoring options. Although this tool should be easy to deploy, its performance is still the most important aspect. It must be efficient and generate actionable insights for the IT team.

In other words, it must have configurable parameters for service monitoring, generate reports with useful information, allow remote access, among other resources. Contact companies with a good reputation in the market and find out what previous customers have to say about purchased software solution.

Finally, this software tool must offer the highest level of information security. Today, cyberattacks and data hijacking are major enemies of any person or company in the digital world. Make a safe selection of your solution provider and keep your data safe.

As you can see, IT service monitoring can further optimize the use of technology in your company. Make an assessment of your IT infrastructure management and see how your company can take better advantage of this tool.

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