How to fix poor internal communication in service desk

Have you noticed that most problems could be solved more easily if people talked more? In this article, we will discuss the effects of poor internal communication in service desk and provide some tips when addressing this issue in your company.

Impacts of poor internal communication

Inadequate internal communication is a systemic issue, i.e., it impacts several departments at the same time. For this reason, it is difficult to measure the size of the damage it causes to the various stages of the workflow. The topics below about communication issues are interconnected and create a very dangerous cycle for your company:

Low level of learning and team evolution

Many companies still underestimate the importance of a feedback culture. As a result, experiences are not exchanged, preventing the emergence of innovative ideas and continuous improvement processes.

Also, employees don’t evolve individually and the team clings to processes that don’t work, a behavior that is behind the main causes of poor performance of service desk agents.

Poor employee engagement

The feeling of learning and evolution, whether in individual or collective terms, is an important motivation factor. It means that a direct consequence of what we highlighted in the previous topic is poor employee engagement.

If a company neither makes employees feel they are part of the result nor encourages them to find solutions to everyday problems, such poor internal communication becomes a permanent issue, leading to stagnation.

Declining productivity

In the worst-case scenario, a team that doesn’t optimize its work routine will repeat the same mistakes forever. Over time, the impact of poor internal communication on productivity becomes increasingly evident.

Slow or no growth

The obvious effect of having a demotivated team and a suffocating organizational culture is a reduction in the quality of deliveries. Consequently, the level of satisfaction falls, current customers disappear, and it becomes increasingly difficult to attract new ones. Then, this company may not grow, with the serious risk of closing down.

5 tips to improve internal communication in service desk

After discussing the damage caused by poor internal communication in service desk, let’s talk about five actions you can take to avoid them:

1. Adopt standardized processes

Make sure the entire team has a clear understanding of the service flowchart, and adopt well-defined processes for each type of customer request. These actions will ensure a better fluidity in everyday life, avoid conflicts, and above all, make service more agile and accurate.

2. Automate ticket management

Eliminating repetitive or unnecessary tasks is one of the pillars of process optimization and depends on the adoption of specialized tools. Software solutions that facilitate ticket management, such as the Milvus platform, helps define service priorities and provide a complete view of the customer’s machines.

3. Use customer feedback to evolve

One of the best ways to identify what needs to be improved in service desk is to implement customer service assessment methods; for example, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score). Use feedback analysis to develop an action plan and eliminate customer dissatisfaction.

4. Create a knowledge base

Investment in training is critical to enhance the quality of service desk. An important part of this effort is documenting existing processes and maintaining a service history. A good knowledge base facilitates communication and helps setting up customer service training.

5. Use an omnichannel platform

Offering multiple service channels is essential for the delivery of a personalized customer experience, but the integration of multiple channels can be a challenging task. Then, it is worth investing in an omnichannel platform, such as Milvus, which gathers information from all media in one place and allows ticket opening via:

  • email;
  • chat;
  • application;
  • telephone;
  • monitored devices;
  • WhatsApp.

 Want to know more? Learn about all features of the Milvus platform and how they help fix poor internal communication in service desk.

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