How to use remote access to optimize your customer service

See how remote access works and why it is an efficient solution to optimize customer service

The possibility of accessing a system through another solution can make several daily tasks easier. This is the purpose of remote access, which can significantly help customer service teams provide support from anywhere.

Using a device to remotely access another computer or network, without having to be in the same place as the machine or system to be serviced, is a reality thanks to technological developments, such as the Internet of Things.

This is just one of the advantages of using remote access in your business. In this article, you’ll learn about this tool and its main benefits.

How remote access works

Remote access means that you can remotely connect to different devices, such as your office computer, using your smartphone or laptop from home.

It allows you to access data stored in another system, machine or network, such as:

  • data;
  • settings;
  • files;
  • software applications;
  • installed systems.

Remote access is a combination of software, hardware, and connectivity. With a remote access system, you can share data stored in different devices connected to the same network.

With such connection, you don’t have to be in the same place as the device to access data. For professionals who work remotely, this tool is essential for effective integration of work routine.

Types of remote access

Remote access can be obtained through different systems, including remote desktop connection and VPN (Virtual Private Network). See below how these models work.

Remote desktop

Remote access via remote desktop is based on the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which allows you to connect your device to another machine that uses Microsoft Terminal Services (TS) licensing and, therefore, share system data.

Some operating systems accept only one remote access at a time. However, for the optimization of your company’s processes, you can invest in software solutions that allow simultaneous accesses. In this case, the connection is not encrypted, reducing the level of security.

The RDP model can be used with several operating systems, such as:

  • Linux;
  • iOS;
  • Android;
  • Mac OS.

Despite being a protocol developed by Microsoft, it can be used with operating systems other than Windows.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network uses a public and encrypted infrastructure. Then, connections made via VPN use a tunneling protocol, which helps protect data traffic between systems.

However, this connection is recommended for networks, not for devices. One of the advantages is that it supports simultaneous connections without compromising security.

Connections that use a VPN are made through a central router or server. Then data present in this internal network can be shared by all authorized remote accesses.

How remote access can optimize customer service

Remote access can be used in the customer service department, as it allows quick, proactive, and efficient service to support customers with problems and doubts. This way, your company’s staff can interact with the systems and conduct a precise investigation.

Also, expert support technicians do not need to leave their workstations to resolve a problem.

Then, with only one access, after it is authorized by the customer, all procedures can be performed online with the same efficiency.

As a result, optimized work processes increase the chances of communication satisfaction and prevent long interruptions in operations, since problems can be resolved quickly.

Benefits of remote access

Besides process optimization and improved quality of your company’s service, investing in remote access systems can have other benefits – see below:

Quick response times

Quick response is surely one of the best advantages of remote access; for instance, you can solve a simple problem in a few minutes, and issues requiring more time can be completed in a shorter period.

With a remote access system, your staff doesn’t need to travel to the workplace to provide in-person service and customers can have their demands resolved quickly.


When a company invests in remote access, its support team has more resources to increase productivity, because the time spent in commuting can be used to address other demands and team members can better concentrate on every issue.

Cost reduction

Remote access also helps companies reduce costs related to support services.

In-person customer service can generate high travel costs, particularly in the long term. Remote access can significantly reduce such costs, favoring the economic results of this sector.

In addition, the devices are back into service faster, so routine tasks are not significantly affected, ensuring high performance and profitability.


As seen above, some remote access models offer high information security because of data encryption. Then, when customers authorize the access of support staff, data and network protection is guaranteed.

Also, remote access only occurs after the system administrator authorizes it. This way, customers can relax regarding the risk of intrusion or data leakage.


Remote management solutions also increase flexibility in the work routine of the support team. It allows serving more customers simultaneously and in less time, increasing the number of problems solved when compared to the work routine in face-to-face service.

Mobility and access

With the mobility provided by remote access, the team can work remotely. For your business, this is a benefit for talent management, since jobs with the possibility of working from home are attractive to many qualified professionals.

Remote access is a tool promoted by the development of technology. With a successful implementation, you can transform your work routine and ensure faster and more efficient and productive procedures.

To ensure that, it’s important to count on a reliable partner that offers a secure platform solution. Milvus can be your ally in the adoption of a remote access system that can optimize your company’s service management.


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