5 ways to improve customer service – a guide for agents and managers

5 ways to improve customer service – a guide for agents and managers

Today, companies are focused on providing good customer service. Whether to make a sale or build customer loyalty, it’s already a consensus that brand experience has a strong impact on financial results. For this reason, we’ve created this guide with five ways to improve customer service.

Then, if you want your business to have this competitive advantage, read this article and use our tips to provide exceptional customer service.

Why you should improve customer service

The CX Trends 2023 survey revealed that 66% of customers who use support service say that a negative interaction can ruin the brand image. 

It means that good customer service can ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, boosting the success of a business in the long term.

Also, 73% of managers interviewed in the survey recognize that service quality is associated with good sales performance, and 60% say that a positive experience improves the retention rate. After all, when customers receive exceptional service, they feel valued and are likely to return and recommend the product or service to others.

In addition,improve customer service can differentiate a company from the competition, creating a significant competitive advantage. Then, investing in service improvements does not only strengthen the connection with current customers, but also attracts new customers, causing a positive impact on the company’s financial results and reputation.

Common mistakes in customer service

See below the main mistakes made by companies and agents, which should be avoided in your customer service:

  • Agents without proper skills;
  • Not listening to customers;
  • Not analyzing customer profiles;
  • Lack of proper team training;
  • Not giving importance to after-sales service;
  • Not using a proper tone of voice with customers;
  • Not offering customized service;
  • Long wait times;
  • Not being present on customer’s preferred channels.

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How to improve customer service

Improving customer service is a process. It requires actions to professionalize the service. With this in mind, we present five tips below:

  1. Provide staff training and resources

Well-trained employees and good working conditions are essential for excellent customer service. Therefore, to improve this service and ensure a collaborative environment, companies should:

  • Provide good machines and devices;
  • Ensure adequate working environment, without excess noise or flow of people;
  • Invest in technological tools, such as a customer service system;
  • Implement demand monitoring routines, with questions to customers and distribution of goals.
  • Promote collaboration between agents to ensure faster and more efficient service. This way, you can understand the most common problems and requests and see how agents can be prepared to offer quality service.
  1. Strengthen the culture of empathic communication at all stages

In order to improve customer service, it’s important to invest in empathic communication, which allows a better flow of internal processes and stronger connection between the customer and the company.

To achieve this, companies can offer training to help improve communication. Some of the best techniques are active listening, persuasion, and empathy.

Also, agents should understand the business model and the characteristics of the products and services offered to build humanized and personalized customer relationship.

  1. Have data at your fingertips

Among the tips for good customer service, an important aspect is the storage and organization of consumer and service data. After all, this is valuable information that must be used in the development of targeted actions.

A customer service system like Milvus is recommended in this process. It can store personal data, conversation history, payments, and other essential information.

This system can individualize service strategies and enable improvements. Also, by centralizing and sharing data with the team, this system ensures:

  • Accurate problem identification;
  • Service personalization;
  • Team performance measurement;
  • Trend and demand forecasting;
  • Optimization of resources and agent performance;
  • Creation of a continuous improvement culture;
  • Reduction in customer wait times;
  • Improved productivity of service agents;
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  1. Allow customer interaction on their preferred channels

Omnichannel support has a positive impact on companies and consumers because it allows customers to use their preferred channel to contact the company, including telephone, WhatsApp, email, website, among others.

On the other hand, the team receives and stores requests in one place, conveniently organizing customer data and history.

Then, for a better customer experience, the channels must be integrated to prevent customers from repeating all information when using different channels and agents. This way, a system can speed up service and increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Invest in technology

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities have played a significant role in how support is provided to customers. Therefore, we highlight the use of AI to answer frequently asked questions and resolve basic issues.

It can reduce call time and increase customer satisfaction. Also, by collecting and analyzing data on consumer behavior and preferences, it is possible to offer more personalized service.

Count on Milvus to increase the efficiency and quality of your service team

The key to improve customer service is to be present on various integrated channels and offer tools to help consolidate your processes. You can count on Milvus, a comprehensive customer service system, to help you in these tasks.

Milvus can store information in one place, with clear data organization. Also, our platform helps you provide a more customized experience and retain customers by offering quality service.

Want to learn more? Contact Milvus now and take a free trial to see how you can automate your customer service.


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