Service desk software – how to choose the best option for your business

Consumers are increasingly demanding quality service. Therefore, offering good Information Technology infrastructure and support is essential for a company’s productivity. Also, a service desk software solution can efficiently resolve more complex problems.

Considering the importance of a service desk software solution, we’ll discuss about it in this article. Check our relevant tips for serving customers quickly and aligning the IT sector with a company’s commercial and strategic planning.

What is service desk software?

Do you know what service desk does? It’s a service center that handles communication with customers or users, offering technical support to resolve incidents and service requests.

Also, a service desk software solution is considered level 2 support, dedicated to more complex processes and requests, such as:

  • Management of customer service teams;
  • Automatic data recording system of open and completed calls;
  • Performance monitoring;
  • Creation of support history;
  • Formalization of a high quality standard.

Why you should use a service desk software solution

As we saw above, a service desk software solution plays an important role in business. After all, it defines, manages, implements, and monitors the most complex IT actions, ensuring that processes are properly and safely performed.

It is also a strategic and preventive tool, as it helps avoid failures and covers bottlenecks, ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction.

Operators can use a service desk software solution to solve technical problems of devices and systems used by customers and help adapt products and services to the reality of every user.

It also supports customer service, ensuring a better treatment delivered to users, thus generating positive customer experience.

Functionalities of a service desk software solution

A service desk software solution offers specialized technical support to users, providing fast and efficient communication with the IT team. It speeds up incident resolution, IT resource configuration and provisioning, system updates and maintenance, and problem monitoring and detection.

This tool offers features such as:

1. Ticket opening

A ticket is opened when a customer contacts the support service of a company with questions, problems, and requests. Tickets can be opened via chat, email, social media, telephone, feedback forms, and even messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

An omnichannel strategy integrates all these channels and touchpoints of a company, preventing obstacles for customers to contact the support service.

2. Data unification

Another important feature of a service desk software solution is that it concentrates data in one place, changes the priority level of tickets, and easily forwards an issue to the adequate team.

It allows support teams to organize tickets according to the best strategies. For example, simple questions can be forwarded to a knowledge base, while more complex issues should be sent to experts.

3. Inventory management

Inventory management is a functionality offered by the best service desk software solutions. It allows data collection in real time and reduces the time that would otherwise be used in manual monitoring of machines.

Also, hardware, software, and license inventory feature can help prevent failures and issues.

4. Remote access

This functionality incorporates service desk into the remote access tool, so users can gather data histories, analyze activities performed, and improve inventory management in a relevant manner for the customer.

5. Report options

A good service desk software solution also offers statistics resources, allowing calculations and visualization of results for continuous improvement of team, product, and service performance. These metrics significantly help increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of a service desk software solution

Implementing a service system, such as a service desk platform, has a huge impact on the company, as this tool offers several advantages:

  • Highly qualified professionals, who ensure problem-solving efficiency;
  • Strategy and specialization in resolving complex issues, enabling more expressive results;
  • Improved customer experience by identifying demands, predicting problems, and anticipating solutions;
  • It increases time savings and productivity, allowing customers to solve more basic problems alone so the service team can focus on more urgent and complex demands;
  • It enhances IT support by integrating service channels, optimizing internal processes and satisfying customers;
  • It helps with the company’s strategies, offering consulting support and effectively contributing to marketing, sales, service actions, among others;
  • It helps companies achieve significant results and make more assertive decisions based on real data and information.

What’s the best service desk software option?


Milvus is an excellent service desk solution, with an integrated omnichannel platform that offers more features for customers as well as functions enabled for different devices and specialized tools, allowing users to open tickets from anywhere and through different channels.

With Milvus platform, communication is improved, eliminating doubts faster. It also provides more flexibility for IT management, especially regarding Service Level Agreement (SLA) configuration.

It also ensures access to reports, warnings for upcoming deadlines, ticket monitoring, and easy work customization.

Service desk software

How to choose a service desk software solution?

Before you select a service desk software tool, you have to understand your company’s goals. You should also consider a number of aspects, such as profitability forecasts, business recognition and expansion, and service flows.

But there’s no need to be scared. See below some important features to consider when choosing the ideal tool for your company:

  • Integrated service across different channels, such as email, messaging platforms (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.), telephone, app, and chat to make life easier for your customers and operators;
  • Project management: have you ever thought about the infinite possibilities of integrating ticket management and project management? With Milvus, you can use the same human resources you already have without requiring new training so you can start receiving project demands as if they were tickets;
  • Real-time service: chat is an easy and fast channel because the support professionals are in direct contact with customers, allowing them to solve problems easily and view all conversations on the same page.
  • Satisfaction surveys: this feature shows whether customers are satisfied with the company, and this information helps managers make decisions based on reliable metrics.

Try Milvus service desk software today

Now that you know what a service desk system is and how it works, how about implementing a specialized tool in your support department? Milvus offers an omnichannel customer relationship platform with a comprehensive help desk and service desk solution.

Create reliable and positive service experiences for your customers and support teams with our service desk and help desk software. Contact our consultants and take a free trial.

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