Service desk tools: six essential resources

Precision and speed are strong determinants that make your customer recognize your differentiated service. For this reason, you should invest in service desk tools that facilitate your team routine. See below six essential resources to make your support team more efficient!

  1. Multi-channel service

Offering several service channels helps you effectively handle all demands and increase customer satisfaction. This way, your customers can choose the best way to reach you. So, when choosing service desk tools, consider adopting an omnichannel platform.

Be sure to check whether your selected solution can provide customer service through: 

  • email;
  • chat;
  • website form;
  • mobile app;
  • telephone;
  • monitored device;
  • WhatsApp.
  1. Custom forms

If you intend to implement an omnichannel customer service, you will need forms to simplify customer service processes. Custom forms are an ideal option and speed up the process because only relevant fields are available to every customer.

  1. Ticketing system

A ticketing system is essential for an organized workflow. Good service desk tools automate certain tasks to avoid loss of information and ensure objective and transparent communication between the departments and with customers.

  1. Contract management

Legal issues are sensitive aspects of the relationship with a customer, so your company needs a platform that effectively monitors the fulfillment of all obligations foreseen in the SLA (Service Level Agreement).

  1. SLA configuration and monitoring

Every SLA can have different service terms, objectives, and technical support methods. For this reason, it is important to use tools that ensure flexible configuration for every customer and help manage service priorities.

In addition to improving the relationship between the parties, the precise control of such information contributes to a cycle of continuous improvement and avoids waste of resources in the operation.

  1. Inventory management

Easy access to information ensures higher level of team productivity. With that in mind, adopt tools that provide inventory management resources of:

  • registration of peripherals;
  • network scanning;
  • vulnerability management;
  • remote access;
  • software inventory;
  • device profiles.

The intelligent IT management system provided by Milvus offers all these resources and helps your company optimize service desk management, delivering service excellence.

Want to know more? Take a free trial of Milvus platform and increase the productivity and efficiency of your support team!

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