How to create a service script for your help desk staff

A service script is important because it improves the workflow of your customer support and sets quality standards. 

It can be created with words and phrases that are relevant for every contact or as a guide presenting the steps for a specific procedure.

See below what to consider when creating a script that is suitable for the characteristics of the service provided by your help desk team!

Understand your customer profile

The first thing to do when creating a service script is to learn more about the profile of your customers. Check the job title and the level of technical expertise of every customer you have to adapt your language and approach.

If you use an omnichannel platform, then you should also consider the differences and peculiarities of each channel. After all, talking on the phone is different from online chatting or email communication. Distinct procedures may be required for each case to check the identity of the customer requesting support, for example.

Use standardized processes

Standardization is a key aspect for efficient help desk service. For instance, the same customer can’t receive different answers every time he contacts your service. Customer service steps must be structured and processes must be defined to guide support staff when they have to forward requests, providing clear and objective information to customers.

A typical service script contains the following elements:

Greeting and asking about the problem

“Hello, my name is X. How can I help you?

Confirming customer information

“Can you confirm some information for me to continue the service?”

Confirming customer request

“Just to confirm, your request refers to…”

Proposing a solution

When proposing a solution, the customer service staff must observe the procedure created for each situation. Instructions should be available in an easily accessible location, such as an internal portal.

Forwarding the request

If it is necessary to forward the service to another area, the reason must be clearly explained to the customer.

Train your help desk team

For the help desk script to be really useful, the service team must be aware of the procedures and know where to quickly find the information.

But there’s another extremely relevant factor for the service quality: humanized customer service. Customer contacts cannot be cold and robotic, but fluid and highly personalized.

Improve it continuously

The first version of a service script may not be perfect. Therefore, it must always be improved. One way to identify areas for improvement is to keep customer service history to help you map repeated demands.

With data in your hands, action plans can be designed to resolve frequent problems. Part of this work also involves monitoring contacts and using checklists to be sure established procedures have been respected. Training should also be provided to IT service team.

As you further develop our recommendations in this article, your team will certainly have a better service script. But there’s another crucial element in successful support tasks: a reliable ticket management system.

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