Ticket form standardization

Ticket form standardization

Milvus offers new features every month, adding value to our partners at each delivery. In this Update 49, we’ve introduced the following option: Ticket form standardization. Now, the layout of the service portal, customer, and customer portal forms will be standardized.

With this new resource, operators can include personalized fields in the standard form, adapting the helpdesk to service needs. New types of fields for customization will also be included, such as: CNPJ (company registration number), CPF (individual taxpayer number), Time, Date & Time, Email, Telephone and Smartphone, Text box with line break, and URL.

This information will expand and enrich database with custom filters and reports.

Access your Milvus portal and use the new features of Milvus comprehensive omnichannel platform!

Check this month’s new features in the Update 49 section of Milvus blog!

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