Ticketing system: how to choose the ideal solution?

You need proper tools to help you manage customer issues and solve problems that may arise in the daily work. A ticketing software system is essential for this purpose, as it allows you to optimize and facilitate internal and external service routines.

However, you may probably have some doubts about the benefits of this tool and its different resources, and what should be considered when hiring this service. Then, you should expand your knowledge about this subject to make strategic decisions for your business.

This article explains the benefits of a ticketing software tool and how to choose the right solution for your company.

What are the benefits of a ticketing system?

A ticketing software system allows a company to manage inquiries from customers and users across the organization. Support teams can record, monitor, and resolve problems received through all customer support channels offered by a company.

This tool offers several benefits for process organization, communication efficiency, and user experience, including:

  • Centralized request processing: centralize all tickets on one platform to optimize workflow, prevent data loss, and view and manage all tickets for efficient problem resolution;
  • Fast service: configure processes and automate some activities to reduce response time and increase user satisfaction;
  • Real-time monitoring: easy real-time tracking of the progress of a ticket as the inquiry is updated with each action. This resource allows you to identify bottlenecks, avoid delays, and assess opportunities for improvement.

What are the essential features of a ticketing system?

To choose the ideal ticketing system, consider the essential features below as they will support you in the selection process.


The ticketing system must offer strong security and encryption features to protect data from the company and third parties. Also, the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should be observed.

It is a mandatory regulation and non-compliance with the GDPR may generate several penalties. Therefore, adapting the tool to the legislation is essential for the business. Also, aspects such as encryption, backups, and access control must be taken into account.


Another important characteristic is system stability. If the system is unstable and causes service interruptions, the service quality won’t reach the level expected by the customer. In order words, the software must support a high number of inquiries without crashes or failures that can affect the user experience.

SLA – Service Level Agreement

SLAs – or service level agreements – allow you to determine different aspects, such as the ticket category, response deadline, definition of priorities, and other relevant issues. It helps you personalize the service and optimize internal processes, organizing tasks and facilitating the team routine.

Steps to choose the ideal ticketing system

See below the aspects that should be considered when selecting a ticketing system to take advantage of all benefits it can bring.

What the company needs

The first step is to understand your company’s needs. Map the processes and learn about their flows, what interventions will be performed, and the resources the ticketing system must offer to meet this demand.

After that, it’ll be easier to select solutions on the market, looking for those that provide the functionalities required and discarding those that are not suitable for the business. If applicable, list desirable, but not essential, functions, but remember they may impact the price of the tool.

Budget available

Analyze the budget available for the tool. However, remember to see the ticketing system as an investment, not as a simple expense. The solution brings relevant benefits and can improve the quality of customer service, including support to customer loyalty strategies.

Consider the possibility of a free trial

When looking for solutions to meet the needs of a company, a relevant tip is to check if the software system offers a free trial. This is a good way to ensure the tool will meet the business demands with quality. Then, it will be possible to make more confident decisions.

Analyze integration options

A relevant aspect when assessing the software and choosing the ideal option is to learn more about its integration with other tools. A company usually has other solutions in place for managing or performing daily tasks, so the ticketing system must offer smooth integration to optimize management.

Also, consider the service channels that can be used to generate tickets, considering that every customer may have his/her specific preferences (for example: email, telephone, website, etc.). It’s interesting to offer different customer service channels, enabling integrated information and the creation of an omnichannel strategy.

Report generation

Monitoring the performance and results of services is important to identify improvements and keep customers satisfied. For this reason, reports must be generated and result indicators must be analyzed. With this information, managers will have a broad view of all processes, ensuring informed decisions.

Therefore, be sure the tool can easily generate reports, apply filters, and extract indicators. These resources can enrich internal processes and provide constant opportunities to improve services aiming to achieve better business results.

Milvus – an intelligent IT management system

If you’re looking for the best solutions for your company’s customer service, then you need Milvus ticketing software system. Milvus is a company specialized in intelligent IT management and help desk solutions, with data integration to facilitate business management.

It allows you to monitor the actions of the IT team and employees can easily identify pending issues and conduct the necessary processes to solve a problem. As a result, the entire team is better aligned and more efficient, increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing business results.

Now that you know what to consider when hiring a ticketing system, look for comprehensive solutions that provide benefits for internal processes and increase service efficiency and quality, ensuring advantages to the entire company.

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